9 Tips for a Successful Job Interview


Picture source : www.scsi.ie

Interview is the first chance to build relationship with people who may be important towards your career.  For that reason, you must be well prepared to face the interview.

1.       Know your interviewer and the company profile

Learn how to read your interviewer characteristics. Some interviewers prefer straight to the points while others are quite chatty. Make yourself comfortable and relax during the interview process and use the opportunity to gain the information from the interviewer, company’ culture, and how they do their job if possible. Prepare some questions about the company that you want to ask with the interviewer and make sure that you read all the information about the company from the company’ website.

2.       Avoid quoting your worth

In the interview process, you will be asked about the amount of your salary. Avoid quoting the amount that you are aiming. If you are cornered, ensure that you quote the reasonable amount according to your worth. If you know the standard, you can bid a little bit higher because you have the experiences beforehand. If you have no experiences and you want to get a higher salary from the standard, you must give a strong reason to ensure the interviewer. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable to not quote the amount directly. Allow the company to judge your worth instead.

3.       Know your strength

Know your strength is the important key to sell yourself. Think about the combination about your strength such as proactive, creative, and reliable. Your strength can be unique from the interviewer’ side so just be honest to talk about your strength. May be you are the one of the people they are looking for.

4.       Be ready to talk about your weakness

This is a sensitive topic that needs heart response. Just be honest. If pay to the attention is not your strength, just say that is your weakness and say that how you can overcome your weaknesses. Make sure you can elaborate in detail on how you can overcome your weaknesses.

5.       Use proper body language

If you are using the improper body language, the interviewer may judge you are not serious to apply for the job. Do not do unnecessary behavior such as peeking on papers on the table, etc. Sit properly and behave.

6.       Answer as needed

It is easily to fall into the trap of talking too much during the interview session. Sometimes it just requires a short response from a question. Be smart in answering the question from the interviewer because short and smart answer can impress the interviewer towards yourself.

7.       Stay calm

When you do not know the answer to a question, stay calm and be honest. Buy some times if needed, by requesting it directly or paraphrasing the question while allowing yourself to find the answer. If you suddenly freeze and nervous, take a deep breath before answering the question from the interviewer.