Ir. Taufik, S.T., M.M., Ph.D., IPM
Head of Industrial Engineering Department

All of us – our faculty, students, staff, alumni, and our industry networks – have many things of which we are proud. Within our core disciplines of industrial engineering, we believe that we offer program which is aligned with the industry needs. This outstanding is due to the quality of our students and faculty, curriculum, international initiatives, and relationships with our alumni and alumnae, industry network, and the broader academic and professional communities.

We are also fortunate to be at BINUS University, an institute with an entrepreneurial culture, embedded in a scholarly culture with the highest quality. Further, BINUS University is aggressive regarding international educational and research programs, which is particularly supportive of an environment for topics we study which affect Industrial Engineering today.

Globalization contributes significant effect to us which motivates us to have significant interest in supply chains. We have been collaborated with various multi-national industries such as Gramedia Printing, CHEVRON, HM Sampoerna, ASTRA International, MEPA Group, and many others and developing a partnership with INHA University, Korea for joint research and exchange program to give international flavor to our students.

The body of knowledge in the areas of Industrial Engineering expertise is growing rapidly and we have chosen our directions carefully. Our peer departments, nationally and internationally, are moving fast and we have to work hard to be ahead, particularly in recruiting outstanding students, recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty, and other necessary resources to achieve the excellence that we have come to expect. We believe that we will achieve success and have an desirable future!

The department is able to support three different up-to-date tracks under Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering within the following disciplines:

  • Supply Chain Management/Logistics
  • Service Systems Engineering

  • Manufacturing Systems