Alumni Testimonials

Asyifa Febrinasari


Binusian 2015


Transfer Pricing Senior at Ernest & Young, Chicago, Illinois



“Being an Industrial Engineering graduate from BINUS University opens up to millions of working opportunities in various industries, from manufacturing to banking. Personally, I have been working at one of the Big 4 accounting firm in Indonesia for 7 years and was offered to work in the United States, thanks to my Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree and solid knowledge acquired from my unique experience in BINUS University.”
Selvi Wijaya


Binusian 2021


Learning Technology Developer at PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA)



“The strength of Industrial Engineering knowledge with current work is a lot. Even though I work in the banking industry, I have never left the knowledge of Industrial Engineering. Because the basis of my current job is to analyze the business processes that occur at BCA, especially the learning part. So every day I always need Kaizen, Pareto, Fish Bone, Kanban, Lean Six Sigma, Machine Learning and even AI. That’s the excitement of being an Industrial Engineering student. Don’t be afraid to become an Industrial Engineering student, because we are in the big family of Industrial Engineering at BINUS University.”


Felix Malvian


Binusian 2022


IT Consultant at Zenex Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore



“I learned many things during my time as a student of Industrial Engineering at BINUS University. As long as we have the desire to continue learning, BINUS will continue to support and greatly facilitate. In addition, BINUS University Industrial Engineering also has an international organization, IISE, which gave me a lot of learning about industrial developments around the world. Being an Industrial Engineering graduate also does not rule out the possibility of working in the industrial field alone. The proof is that I am currently an IT Consultant at Zenex Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore. I can really apply the knowledge of Industrial Engineering while being an IT Consultant with how we can find solutions to customer business processes digitally. This is my impression as a student and has become an alumni of Industrial Engineering BINUS University.”



Binusian 2020


Senior Manager Indonesia Hair Care Market Planner at P&G Indonesia



“The Industrial Engineering program at BINUS University has enhanced the skills necessary for the professional world, particularly through an extended internship project that encourages students not only to complete tasks in the office but also to identify potential improvements for the company. Thanks to the BINUS internship program, I had the opportunity to be offered a full-time job by the company where I interned.”