Human – Integrated Systems Laboratory

The Human-Integrated Systems Laboratory offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge about designing work systems that take into account the ergonomic aspects of human anatomy and behavior. The primary goal of work system design is to enhance production capacity while prioritizing safety and the well-being of workers. The establishment of work systems aims for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, with a focus on minimizing resource usage while optimizing output. Additionally, the laboratory allows students to analyze the efficiency of labor motions and provides solutions for any inefficiencies detected. It equips students with tools and equipment to deepen their understanding of human factors in a working environment. Below is a list of the equipment available in the Human-Integrated Systems Laboratory:

  • Ergo-bike
  • Footstep
  • Hear rate monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Digital lux meter
  • Gauge
  • Excavator lego city
  • Anthropometry Kit (Metrisis)