Tips for the ‘New Kid’ in the Office


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By being a new employee at the new office is not easy at all. Especially for fresh graduates or who are taking internship at the company. After going through a challenging recruitment process, now is the time you enter a new office. What kind of co-workers, the environment, and whether they will like you or not, must make your heart flutter. Do not worry, there are many ways for you to be easily accepted by them. Remember, do not just focus on yourself but also pay attention to the environment and coworkers. Here are some tips for the ‘New Kid’ in the office:

1.        How to Dress Up

You are the new kid in the office. Do not expect a fellow worker can instantly recognize your personality. The outward appearance is one of the points of your first impression. Use appropriate clothing and not excessive in the first day of work. If you have never visited your office at all, there’s no harm in choosing clothes more neatly than the more relaxed. This is the moment to create a first impression, make sure the selected garments can give you an idea about your personality at work. Do not use accessories or makeup that seemed excessive for attention.

2.        Office’ Culture

Learn what your new office culture is very important. Make sure that you learn about your office culture from the behavior of your coworkers, the relationship of coworker with supervisors, and vice versa. There is an office that you can relax to discuss with your boss on the table but there is also an office that you will not even have a chance to talk with your big boss. You certainly can not remember so many things in a short time. Use notes to remember those important things.

3.        Positive Personality

In the process of work, in any time you definitely need the help of co-workers. Do not build a high wall on the first day of work. Greet your colleagues with a smile. Simply greeted with a smile or hi. No need to try too hard if you’ve been talking a long time to know them. Let your relationship grows naturally through the process of day-to-day interactions. In the early days of work, if there is an invitation to hang out after work, try to participate. Through these opportunities, you can more relaxed to know your colleagues and familiarize yourself further. Try to balance in approaching various types of co-workers. Too close with your colleagues or too close with your boss will make you faster to become the whispers in the office.

4.        Remember The Name and Position

It is important to build the first impression. Try to remember the name of your co-workers, at least one section or division. Select one or two people that you remember very well, then ask for their help to remember the names of other friends. Knowing the person’s position in the company is also important. Do not have a rude behavior in the elevator with a co-worker who turned out one of the important people in your company. It is not easy to do that in the first week. Do it gradually starting from the most frequently interact with you.

5.        Help and Initiative

One way to get easily favored in the new workplace is a co-worker who likes to help and initiative. Of course, again, do not overdo it. Make sure your work can still be completed even have to help the task of your co-workers. If your job is over, do not just sit back and wait for the next assignment. Ask your boss or co-workers what can you do or who you can help.

6.        Work enthusiastically

A new employee who comes late and leaves early often is not the right thing in giving a good impression. Always arrive a little sooner if possible and go home after a time or is there another co-worker who went home. Learn first how your new office habits. There are offices that employees do not leave before the boss goes home. For the early months of the your assessment period, always do have time for coming and contributing more than the others. After studying the habits of the company, you can slowly adjust. One of the first impressions that should be avoided is lazy! One thing that is equally important is to minimize personal interest during working hours. Diminish chatting, open social networking sites, or permission for things that are less important.

7.          Follow the rule

Understand and follow company’s rules and regulation. If you are not sure or unclear about the rules and regulation, discuss it directly to your direct supervisor. He/she will be happy to help you.

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