Why am I an Industrial Engineer?



Picture source: warjiteknik.blogspot.com

Opinion: This article tell me about why we choose to became industrial engineer, the important think I get is, Paul Templin tell me system and optimization that we learn from industrial engineering help us to reduce the cost of time and money for some ‘’thing’’ we work with, also optimize the ‘’thing’’ itself to be more valuable, so we can create a simple thing to became amazing thing without wasting a lot of time and money, for me why i became industrial engineer? It’s because if I learn industrial engineering seriously, I can make a shortcut to solve my problem, this article very interesting because this article help us to know how important system and optimization in our live.

By: Bagus Imam (1701334080)

Based on “Why Am I an industrial engineer?” article in Industrial Engineer magazine, February 2013 edition (vol. 45, no.2)