Activity            :  Corporate Social Responsibility activity organized by Community Development                                     BINUS University.
Participant     :  SME community
Topic               :  Project Management

Although the name of project management seems very sophisticated, knowledge on project management is crucial for every practitioners to be successfully plan their business in general. Proper planning will allow industries, especially SME, to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet the predetermined target.  Daily example such as baking a cake, was given during the delivery of project management training to the SME community to allow easiness to understand the nature and benefit of implementing project management to help their business process. Two simple methods to compute the project duration and critical path are introduced in this training.

Activity            : Giving Course or training
Place               : Lief – Gift and Accessories
Topic               : Training methods of CPM and PERT For Project Planning In Lief – Gift
and Accessories.

Training was held on May 5th 2012. Lief – Gift and Accessories engaged in the accessories and souvenirs and opens to receive customer orders, Lief – Gift and Accessories can complete the requests on time, but it is all finished without any planning, so sometimes the orders quantity can be overwhelming. Training methods of CPM and PERT for Project Planning can help the participants in planning a job, to be done with more structured.