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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER – October 2010 Volume 42 Number 10

The two biggest challenges in the construction industry, low productivity and high injury rates, may be addressed simultaneously through the combination of lean production strategies and traditional safety-analysis tools. Louisiana State University is exploring the combination of lean production methods and traditional safety tools with a procedure called SLIK (Safety and Lean Integrated Kaizen). SLIK in a modular housing manufacturing facility is applying one lean production tool, kaizen, and a safety-analysis tool, job safety analysis (JSA). The research team used SLIK with the base-framing crew, and the method consisted of analyzing the improved process. The changes resulted in a 16% increase in value-added activities and increased the farming crew’s overall output by 55%. By making quick, low-cost changes that ere intended to improve productivity to the station layout and work design, safety and ergonomic hazards, including reduced trip hazards, pinch points, and back strain, were also reduced or eliminated. These results support the hypothesis that productivity and safety can be improved simultaneously through combined lean and safety tools.

Principal of the problems are in the construction industry which low productivity and high injury rates. In lessons learned from safety and productivity improvements, we able to found some problem, such as mantain focus on personal issues not on the process, misunderstanding by the work crew and management and include more meetings where needed and there is not the motivation of process ownership to achieve ever better result.

Which among the 10 preliminary design criteria is (are) discussed in the article? How can you say so?

One of preliminary design criteria from article is design for usability and safety. Why?

First, there are many problems that concerned in unusability of effectivity to make a good choice for construction in industry. One for the example, we unused tools such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA) which JSA’s job is analysis method for safety in construction industry. In JSA, we could know document of activity, monitor and review, document control measures, and a lot function. Whereas if we use that, we able to make improvement.

Second, there is problem that concerned in unsafety, high injury rates in productivity of industry. For the example, before we implementing SLIK (Safety and Lean Integrated Kaizen) worked used to cut material that was placed on top other material, that possible to have an injured, because when we want to cut material that was placed in bottom. We must move the material which placed on the top to have cut bottom material.


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