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Lost and damaged freight can provide a fatal loss for a company. However, Pres-On and Pelican Products can avoid it.

Glass products can cause problems, such as being shattered and destructions during transport, so it causes complaints from customers. Therefore, Pres-On makes a new solution from customer complaint for glass manufacturers, Performa Labels. Performa Labels using acrylic material that leaves products residue-free and for long enough period of time at high temperatures. Pelican products create an innovative spin on product in order to be safe and watertight in transport.

According to our group, the company fix their problem and make new solution from customer complaints. The problem is there are a lot of broken glass products during transport. So the company received a lot of complaints from their customers and try to fix it.

From that article, we found 2 criteria of designs. First is design for security. We use this criteria because of the production costs that reached millions of dollars, the company is maintaining its security, the protection for the consumer, so it can not harm the company nor the consumer.

The second is design for supportability or serviceability. We use this criteria because in the article can be seen that the company wants to satisfy its customers in a way to maintaining the quality of products by replacing the raw material, the packaging, so it can not easily broken during transport. The company also takes customer complains as a race to create new innovations to improve the production of glass products and improve the life-cycle of the product, from the start of production until the shipment stage to public markets.


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