Industrial Engineering

Ordering Accuracy

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER – December 2010 Volume 42 Number 12

The selection of goods in a distribution center is essential. This is accomplished before transporting the goods to the stores to be consumed by the customer. Therefore, Team McConnell in collaboration with Vocollect (leading provider voice technology solutions mobile workers) to inform or tasks that must be carried out by the workers through VoiceLink. By using a headset equipped with a microphone certainly, the workers can perform his duties such as, the selection of the quantity of goods in a shelf , the quantity of goods to be removed from the warehouse, and many others. Vocollect helps Smith Drug to acquire and retain new workers without having an expert in using a system. FastPic5 software is useful for separating the goods which will be sold in stores, and items which have been ordered by the customer, so the customer can pick it up directly without buying it in shops. Effects of the FastPic5 software make a significant improvement in the system and order accuracy, and minimize time in stockpiling goods.

Our Group put this company to some system types according to several clasifications:

  1. This company uses Human-made system we say this because the company handles shipments well. The shipments are usually delivered to the customer in time and accurately. The company that used Human-made system can handle the shipment that the customer did with efficient and effective, without wasting the time, and without wasting the energy that can cause loss to the company.
  2. The company also use Conceptual System because it used concepts to do some shipment strategies. The company is always careful in doing the shipment and designing the shipment strategy so the can minimalize the mistakes that make the company broke
  3. Beside from the Conceptual and Human-made system, this company also use the Physical system because the device that Mwork on delivering to its customers.
  4. Because this company work on delivering items, this company belongs to the Open system. Its always interact to environment and always affected by environment
  5. The last one, this company use Complex system because they work more with their brain and their mind than their physical ability. They work more in making and managing the strategy to deliver items to the customer.


  1. Aurellia Victoria (1701338936)
  2. Muhammad Azra (1701355614)
  3. Muhammad Iqbal Hakeem (1701310490)
  4. Shinta Ayu N.P (1701327863)
  5. Taufiq Hidayat (1701349265)
  6. Willy Elison Susanto (1701356756)