Cool, Clear Water

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Industrial Engineer – Volume 46 Number 2

Ceramic Filtration Provides Low-Cost Solution in Developing World

Tracy Hawkins is using her industrial engineering training to help solve problems in the developing world. She is vice president of FilterPure, which uses local enterprises to manufacture and distribute ceramic water filters in developing countries, according to the company.

This invention can filter contaminated river water into clean drinking water for one family for five years, with just $35. It is designed for easy maintenance in developing countries, and it works to educate the population about clean water as well.

Hawkins, an industrial and systems engineer graduate from Georgia Tech, also spend her time as a project manager in the corporate world. She organized a staff and developed Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA). In 2008, she joined forces with AquaPure, with similar goals. Then, FilterPure saves lives by making the filters available in five countries.

“My industrial engineering background has been key in helping me to support this humanitarian project because I have been exposed to so many sciences,” told Hawkins. She also said that it’s fit, because learns something new every day and integrated it into her new plans.