Fighting Flames for Protection

fighting flames

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Safety is the main thing that people consider in a workplace. Those who often concern are people who work in hazardous environment. Industrial engineers often function as safety engineers, which protect the workforce from occupational dangers.

Bulwark, an international FR provider, and Milliken & Co., a product and service provide that keeps on innovating, teamed up to develop new flame-resistant iQ garments for those who work in potentially flammable environments. They innovate their apparel line in terms of breathability, durability, fabric weight, mobility, moisture management and softness, which will improve wearers’ experience.

The iQ line of apparel is made from Milliken’s Amplitude G2, a low-density fabric made from special chemical-engineered fibers. The improvements of this suit will help the wearer’s performance, such as its flexibility, air flow within the suit which provide longer coolness, while it still meeting the standards on flame-resistant clothing. The ease, fast application allows safety engineers to repair structures quickly and returning them to a safe, operational status.