Liquefied Savings Efficiency


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Over this past year, the focus for practical sustainability has evolved continuously as many companies expect their Industrial Engineers to do more with less time and money. This means that Industrial Engineer jobs have evolved into more worldwide and also focused on the efficiency and savings. Now, many IE has been researching and making the tools for minimize non value-added time for making any product. Well, one of the tools that made for this is Automag Compact. This tool is made to minimize the process of making industrial fluid, designed improve efficiency, and cost less than other tool option. Then another example of this tool is The Fuel Factory from Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering that offers another system for recycling used fluids (waste motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, etc). Automag Compact and The Fuel Factory are two of the example mention in the article that we picked. Despite they work in different aspect, but their purposes are same, to improves the efficiency and saving in making products just like the purpose of Industrial Engineers.

This article that we choose from IIE magazine volume 43 January 2013, classified as human made system because purposes that are achieved by the delivery of outputs, physical system because it is real components which we can see and touch, dynamic system because it need to operating or flow components and open system because it interacts freely with its environment, taking input and returning output. It permits interaction across its boundary; it receives inputs from and delivers outputs to the outside.


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