Cities, Companies Join Forces on E-Cars


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Four leading vehicle manufacturers and 14 of the world’s largest cities committed to take step over the next year to make their cities more electric vehicle friendly. Bogota, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Copenhagen, Delhi, Hongkong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Sydney have come together to form the “C40 Electric Vehicle Network”. The network will help plan and deploy charging infrastructure and relate electricity supply system in collaboration with local utilities, work to streamline permitting processes associated with charging equipment, coordinate monetary and nonmonetary incentives available to the general public and develop a plan to mobilize demand for electric vehicles in city fleets. The four car manufactures – BYD, Mitsubishi Motors Crop, Nissan and Renault – will help inform cities electric vehicle policies, vehicle specifications, charging parameters, business models for electricity supply and incentives. Mitsubishi began sales of its new – generation electric vehicle, the i-MiEV, approximately 800 of them by December 2009. Nissan will launch a new electric vehicle this year. Half the world’s population lives in cities that account for more than two-thirds of carbon emissions. Road transportation, at 11 percent, ranks as one of the largest discrete end – use contributors to generate gas emissions.

Industrial Engineering can act in manufacturer process, quality control checking the feasibility of car, minimize the outcome for car production, make system inside the factory more efficient.

System clasification:

  1. Human made system: this include human made system because the car made by people and never exist before in nature
  2. Physical system: This include physical system because the car made by real component like FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) for car body kit, PVC for coating body car etc.


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