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Life Support Hospital Staff

life support hospital staff

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Many of us do not know exactly that only 60% of the surgery time is “in use”, and there is no procedure which control the time on every surgery. Because the spent time is not efficient enough, therefore, firstly we have to find out how much time to be spent in every complete surgery. After that we can manage our surgery schedule. We can simulate how long time to spend in surgery machine also the workers (doctors, nurse, and any others). We must apply the schedules with algorithm in order to streamline the surgery time. Then some important things to have to do:

  • First, set time from the first surgery so that the next surgery for patients can be run by schedule
  • Second, organize some extra time from the first surgery for the next workers for the next surgery so the workers can prepare the OR properly and ready.


The system in operating room is Human Made System, where the system in operating room made by human, and all scheduled, both of surgery scheduled and remaining time for emergency and unexpected surgery or preparation time for the workers in the next surgery.

The system in operating room is abstract, because all of system configuration shaped over mind and formula are scheduled and not shape over things or physic.


  1. Ahmad Restu Disna Putra (1801409851)
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  3. Armando (1801385914)
  4. M. Kevin Perdana (1801404926)
  5. Mulia Mutiara Rahma (1801405153)
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