Industrial Visit to Singapore 2014 (Microsoft and NEWater)

HIMTRI and IIE Binus University student chapter held the second international study tour to Singapore on November 23-25, 2014. Committee is led by Reyner Jong, IE 2012 with 5 other member, Calvin, Benny, Michael, Krissy, and Claudia. With the learning from last year study tour which conducted at Singapore as well, the team planned and ran the event smoothly with full of preparation.

As the event theme is sustainable living, Students had the opportunity to learn about one of the strong technology company which concerns to people productivity for sustainable living, Microsoft Singapore and visited the office to learn more about company’s culture as well as the career opportunity at Microsoft. Another famous company which concerned in the sustainable living that was visited is the NeWater Company which is Singapore’s water recycling company. Students learned more about the process of making the ready-to-drink water from the Singaporean used water. Moreover, student got the learning opportunity about some of IE knowledge and approach such as the queuing system in the famous Universal Studio Singapore as well as the transportation system on Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and public bus.

The study tour had successfully done and left many memories to the students. They learn, think, and widen their knowledge and perspective about IE by visiting companies and Singapore landmarks.


 Day 1: Waiting for departure

Waiting for departure

Day 1: Arrived in SMRT Airport 

Arrived in SMRT Airport

Day 1: Quick briefing 

Quick briefing

Day 2: Merlion Park

Merlion Park

 Day 2: Panicking, passport issue 


Day 2:  Waiting for Microsoft Tour

Waiting for Microsoft Tour

Day 2: Microsoft Visit


Day 3: SMRT Station

SMRT Station (3)

  Day 3: Panicking, taking a wrong bus

Panicking because of taking a wrong bus (8)

 Day 3: Walking towards the right bus stop 

Walking towards NEWater Plant

Day 3: Walking in NEWater Plant area

In NEWater Plant area

 Day 3: NEWater game

NEWater game

Day 3: Peeping how to save water

Peeping how to save water (2)

Day 3: NEWater Plant visit

NEWater tour

Day 3: Leaving NEWater Plant

Leaving NEWater (13)

Day 3: Last briefing prior leaving Singapore 

Last briefing (14)