Activity          : Giving Course and Training
Participant   : Manager and Staffs PT. TNA
Place             : Surya Cipta Industral Region
Topic             : Statistical Process Control

This training was held on June 12th 2015. The topic is about statistical process control relating to the quality of a product produced by a company. A product declared has a good quality, if the product has met or exceeded the expectations of consumers. The quality of a product is also measured on the services, processes, and environment. The quality is inversely proportional to the variability; if the variability on a characteristic of a product decreases then the quality of the product is increased. Making a product requires quality improvement or reduction on both process and product variability. Problems in achieving process stability and the quality improvement by reducing variability can be done using statistical process control methods.

Activity          : Giving Counseling or Training
Participant   : Manager and Staff of d’Besto
Place             : BINUS University
Topic             : Quality Management System for Food Industries

This counseling was held to provide knowledge of quality management system for food industry to manager and staffs of d’Besto restaurant that operate at Jabodetabek region.  By attending this counseling, staffs and manager are expected to pay more attention to the food safety because it will affect the consumers’ health.  If the consumers’ health disrupted by the food, restaurant will have a bad reputation.