Activity               : Giving Course or Training
Place                   :  BINUS University
Participant         : Manager and Staff of d’Besto
Topic                   : Strategy Operasional untuk Pemenuhan Demand

The counseling was held on February 13th 2015. The topic is about operational strategy which is very important for manager to understand the strategies on how to balance capacity and demand and also the pricing strategies to support capacity and demand management. There are two approaches on capacity and demand management, level capacity and chase demand. Level capacity is based on market-oriented strategy such as incentive price and bundling product and promotion, meanwhile chase demand strategy is about increasing the capacity to fulfill demand.

Activity           : Counseling and Training
Place               : Surya Cipta Industrial Region
Topic               : Occupational Fatigue

This activity was held to help the manager and staffs of PT. Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum (TNA) who worked on Surya Cipta Karawang. The topic is about Occupational Fatigue, which mostly occurred at the workplace. The final stage of tired is called fatigue, where we couldn’t do any job properly anymore. This can be very dangerous in workplace, not only for the company, but also for the other workers and us. Fatigue is extremely related to productivity, performance, and safety. This training provides information about fatigue and how to deal with it. Fatigue can be avoided and the productivity, performance, and safety in workplace would not be bothered.

PT_TNA-Ibu Rida

Activity           : Giving Course or Training
Place              : Institut Teknologi Bandung
Participant    : Manager and Staff of QSHE
Topic              : Work Fatigue Construct

Training was held on December 10-11th 2015. The topic is about the effect of work fatigue, definition of fatigue, fatigue framework, types of fatigue, fatigue risks, and cases. Fatigue framework is the factor that affects fatigue and fatigue indicator. Types of fatigue consist of physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion. There are two fatigue risks, individual and company.