Activity            : Giving Course and Training
Participant     : Manager and Staffs of d’Besto
Place               : Binus University
Topic               : Keamanan Pangan – Food safety in Restaurant

This training was held to give information to manager and staffs of d’Besto restaurant about food safety in restaurant. In order to compete, a restaurant needs capability to produce foods that are safe to eat, healthy, and beneficial to consumers. Restaurant has to consider about the food handling, cooking process, and food storage to prevent food poisoning on consumers. There are four basic steps to keep the foods’ safety which are clean, separate, cook, and chill. Be sure the material of the food and cooking utensil are always clean, keep raw foods separately so germs can’t spread from one food to another, pay attention to the cooking process, and treat the food as it should be.

Activity           : Counseling and Training
Place               : Surya Cipta Industrial Region
Topic               : Risk and Supply Chain Vulnerability

The training was held for the workers of PT. Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum (TNA) who worked on Surya Cipta Karawang, especially the manager and staffs. This training provides information about supply chain and also the risk. Supply chain is a must when it comes to a company, because they need suppliers and distributors and consumers.  But it can be also vulnerable and the risk can be really dangerous for the company. The explanation on how to maintain the best supply chain decision was given in this activity to the workers. How to decide the best choice, and also how to avoid the problems we may have in supply chain. There are also some cases and examples with the solutions in this training.