Activity            : Speaker of a Seminar
Place               : BINUS University
Topic               : Strategic for ABET Accreditation: Effort and Benefits

This seminar was held in order to give information about ABET accreditation to the universities in Indonesia. ABET accreditation sets the global standard for programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology which based on USA. It is not only having strong curriculum, but also requires an international mindset. ABET accreditation become important because in 2015 ASEAN will have the free market which allows graduates to apply for work on the other country in South-East Asia. Being accredited by ABET means being acknowledged in international implies that the program prepares their graduates to be global citizen. Finally, improvement performed during the ABET preparation leads to 100% increase intake of student and strengthens the network among the constituents, especially with the alumni. Details of these benefits, already realized by BINUS programs, are described.