Activity        : Giving Course and Training
Participant  : manager and Staffs of d’Besto
Place            : BINUS University
Topic            : The Effect of Products and Services’ Quality on Customer’s Satisfaction and                                           Loyalty to the Restaurant

The training was held on February 13th 2015. The topic is about the effect of service and product quality to consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty to the restaurant. Consumers’ satisfaction is strongly affected by the quality of services, if it’s exceed their expectation then the quality of service perceived is an ideal quality. But it is not only the services quality that need to be considered, the quality of the products also have a big impact to customers’ satisfaction. If the quality of services and products already fulfill consumers’ expectation, then the customer will be loyal to the restaurant.

Activity           : Counseling and Training
Place               : Surya Cipta Industrial Region
Topic               : Built-In Quality in Manufacturing Process

Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum (TNA) is a company who worked on a manufacturing sector. Therefore, it is important to train the manager and staffs who work there to maintain the quality of their product. Quality of a product determines the company’s life and death. If the quality is bad, then the whole company’s reputation will be bad too. This training gave informations about quality control, especially in manufacturing process. There are a lot of steps in manufacturing and by maintaining it one by one; the result is the quality of the product would be flawless.