Beurer Heart Rate


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In more advanced age a lot of technological developments in the fields of health, business, education, military, and other. One area that has a rapid technological development is health. This is because health is something that needs special attention, but also difficult to detect. In addition, the productivity of a person in an activity can be determined from their own health. The most common way to check the health of a person during exercise is to measure heart rate. Measurement of heart rate itself can be done manually or using advanced tools.

Based on the heart rate is detected, then with some existing tools we can also measure how many calories burned during exercise. At first measurement of heart rate on a person only uses a stethoscope but these tools only detect, so it needs to be calculated manually. However, now it has developed a tool that can directly calculate how many calories are burned during exercise.

One powerful tool that can be used are from Germany, namely Beurer Heart Rate. This product has several types according to the needs of its users. This tool has two important components include a belt to measure heart rate and watches to monitor. Laboratory of Industrial Engineering, Bina Nusantara University already have such a device with the type of PM25 for practicum and research needs. The use of this tool is quite easy, by putting a belt on the diaphragm to detect the user heart rate. However, the previous need to regulate body weight, age, and gender according to the user. This is done to ensure calories out according to the user’s physical. Once the settings are done, the user can perform activities. Then the results of calories burned during exercise can be seen in watches.

The use of this tool is very effective and efficient for the measurement can be adapted to the activities undertaken. When the user is at rest, the measurement can be suspended and resumed when it started to move back. The measurement data is automatically recorded by the watch so that at the end of the activity we can see how the conditions that occur in the user’s body during activity. This tool is very useful for companies that need to ensure the workload for employees who require great strength while working as the operator of the plant, so that the company can determine the policy in determining the working time and rest.