Minitab 17: Statistical Process Control

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Controlling quality including Six sigma concept relies on data and its statistic to provide an input needed for process improvement. Utilize numbers of tools, strategies, and professionals are able to determine problem(s) within a process.  And to perform good changes in a process, it also needs specialized tools such as Minitab. Minitab 17 is a statistical software that is commonly used in global companies to help in processing data, such as basic statistics data or applied statistics such as statistical process control.

As candidates of industrial engineers, IE students in Binus should be able to analyze, process, and interpret data to distinguish the problems in a complex process. Knowing that it is a vital in recent industry, Industrial Engineering Laboratory from Binus University held a Minitab Software training for senior and sophomore students.

With ‘Statistical Process Control’ as the theme of the training, it provided the students the information about the use of minitab tools in assessing process or quality control. There are several methods explained during the training, which are capability process, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), control charts (X-bar s, X-bar r, I-MR chart, p/np-chart, c-chart,  u-chart), Pareto Diagram, and Ishikawa Diagram. During the training, each of mentioned tool is introduced thoroughly so the participants can apply them in the proper circumstances. They also faced case studies related to the tool that is being explained, so their knowledge in analyzing the case, the tools usage in processing the data, and how they interpreting the results are enhanced as well. Six sigma requires us to have the right tool to perform a job. And with good understanding of interpreting data and the right tool to determine the cause of problems within a process, we can offer process improvement to any company. About 70 IE students joined the training and improve their skills and knowledge related to statistic, quality control, and software skills.