Autodesk Inventor is one of the products of the company Autodesk which was created for design and engineering drawings with 3-dimensional modeling capabilities for 3D object creation process. In Autodesk Inventor, we can create products in the form of 2D sketch and model it into a 3D shape to continue to some processes, such as simulation and optimization process. Advantages of Autodesk Inventor are:

  • Parametric Solid Modeling, is a feature of Inventor are used to revise, re-editing and can do the design in the form of solid models with the data that already exists, or stored in a database.
  • Feature Animation, is a feature of Inventor are used to make the animation process of assembling a device in the form of video files.
  • Can be used to perform a simulation research.
  • available materials are varied and give the appearance of a part becomes more apparent.
  • Can be used to make a presentation assembly.
  • Can be used to create Mold Design required by the plant.

In Inventor, our work divided into 5 sections, sketching 2D, 3D modeling, 2D dimension Manufacture, Assembly, Presentations.

2D Sketch


Making the 2D sketch is the first step the creation of a 3D model. We will draw on one side of the field or image in step by step to complete a product. In stage we will use some of the drawing tools, namely: Line (making line), Circle (make a circle), Rectangle (make a square).

3D modeling


After the 2D sketch, the next step is constructing and giving volume to the previous sketch. This step is called 3D modeling. In Inventor, In this stage we will use some of the drawing tools, namely: Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Loft, Coil, Materials.

2D Dimension

piston 2d

This stage is giving dimension to the 3D image that we have made in the form of 2D projection, using the projection of Europe or America.



Assembly is the process of merging of an object consisting of several parts that are different from each other. In this assembly there is two methods, which is assemble and constraint methods, the results of the two methods is almost the same the different  is how to implementation.


piston presentation

Presentation features in Inventor used to present how to assembly part of the product and how the product work. It can be used to describe a product that we tender.