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Littlefield Technologies  is a web-based game, mainly working on the operational in a factory, which this simulation is a discrete-event simulator. This operational simulation consists of four steps on three work station and a raw-material storage. Students will try to set up an operational in a factory with the purpose to maximize the profit. Few sectors that can be set in this simulation are contract agreement with the buyer, time setting and the number of raw material order also the number of machines on three available work stations.

In this Littlefield Technologies there’s also few scenario selection, where each of them has its own complexity and available goals. The available scenarios are capacity management, responsiveness, miyaoka, etc.

This Littlefield Technologies usually used on a course that has a learning outcome that connected with Operations Management, Production and Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Quantitative Method. In Production and Operation Analysis practicum, Bina Nusantara’s Industrial Engineering also used this game simulation to give the students picture on the operational in a factory. Also, with this simulation, students are expected to enhance their skill on the operation in a factory with applying their knowledge from Production and Operation Analysis.

To measure the effect of  this simulation on supporting the course of Production and Operation Analysis,  Bina Nusantara’s Industrial Engineering’s lab give away a questioner to all their students who completed this course and played this simulation game. Based on the questioner results, the students said that  this simulation could support Production and Operation Analysis course and be useful to give students picture about the operational activity in a factory also give an example of the application.  All the results of the questioner has been measured it’s reliability, which the result said that this questioner is reliable. The conclusion of this is that this simulation is a fun tools to support the lecture of Production and Operation Analysis.