A Visit To Politeknik Manufaktur ASTRA




On Friday, 20 March 2015, Industrial Engineering of BINA Nusantara University, especially Manufacture stream 2012, are given the chance to visited Astra’s Polytechnic Manufacture. Astra’s Polytechnic Manufacture or known as Polman Astra is an educational institution under YABI, and is one of PT Astra International’s subsidiary. Polman Astra located at Komplek Astra International, Tbk., Jalan Gaya Motor Raya no.8, Sunter II, Jakarta Utara.

From the visit, students could saw few of the study programs from Polman Astra, such as Production’s Tools and Gears Making, TPM and Mechatronic.

On Production’s Tools and Gears Making students of Polman Astra focused on design, making and using of the production tools by using the manual machine or CNC. In this stream, students are more focused on the tools in the production process.

On TPM, students watched how the production system formed, and where every system made was adjusted with the needs and targets of a production.

Meanwhile, on Mechatronic, students watched the operational, installation, and Mechatronic product design with an PLC, CNC and Robotic based system. In this stream, students are more focused on the software of the operating machines.

On this occasion, the students were taken around the lab that used to support the study at Polman Astra, such as Basic Machining (Bench Work, Milling, Turning, Grinding, Assembling), Advance Machining Lab (Electric Discharge Machining, Wire Cutting), Automation Lab (Pneumatic-Electro, Hydraulic-Electro, PLC, Industrial Mechatronics System), CNC Lab (Installation, CNC based Machines’ Maintenance and Service) Design Lab (Mechanical Design using CAD, CAM, CAE).

After touring around, the students of Industrial Engineering from BINUS then share their experience with some of the teachers from Polman Astra in sharing time session. This session was the last activity of the visit. The day’s visit ends at 4 p.m and the students returns back to BINUS.