Industrial Engineering

Physical Fatigue


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No one in this world could ever be far away of fatigue, especially on the physical ones. Whatever your job whether on academics, sport or even the executive officer, you will reach to the physical fatigue at the end.

We can look to the footballer, how they perform on the field shows that they will need a lot of muscle energy in order to finish the job. Now, let’s look to the executive officer which works in front of the computer, the physical fatigue also felt by them although their job does not need any muscle performance like a footballer, but however they sit in front of the computer for hours and it makes their body and muscle tired. When they have less of rest time, they must be in physical fatigue soon. Some job description also caused to the human physical fatigue, sometimes it is caused by tons of task a human must do daily. It can lead to the mentality stress and then to the lack of energy. Therefore, their work performance will not be as expected and less than the target given by company.

The physical fatigue can lead to the stress for human. It means that they can be running out of energy to do task because human physical muscle could not stand for the physical performance. Fatigue is like when people get common cold or flu and mostly found as a sleepiness as the response of decreasing energy on human’s body and muscle. Therefore, a break time or rest will be needed in order to minimize the physical fatigue level.