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What’s your ergonomics standing?

Many jobs require a lot of standing. Industrial engineers are concerned about how long people have to remain standing.

It is argued that standing is more beneficial than sitting, so it’s exciting to review a product that offers comfort to the standing worker. Barefoot Industrial Ergonomic Flooring makes standard and nitrile mats that can be used in dry and wet situations.

Barefoot’s three different types allow you to match the proper mat to your site’s specific applications. Barefoot promises that its material is uncompromised and not filled with clay, sand or other cheap fillers.

The mats have a high tear resistance and tensile strength, which makes them durable and long-lasting. The mats’ interlocking interfaces allow for an uninterrupted ergonomic floor surface covered with the mats. The ergonomics of the mats are addressed by the dual nature of its design. The ergonomics of the mats are addressed by the dual nature of its design. Each mat provides support based on the lateral forces being applied to it.

For example, on the production floor, workers often stand at their machines for extended periods of time while fatigue builds up in their legs. The support and cushioning relieves the pressure and provides comfort to the worker, which makes the work environment more amenable for the employee.

Although these mats are designed for harsh industrial environments, they can be used in standing commercial locations such as grocery stores, banks and shops.