Better Sleep, Better Performance



According to the National Sleep Foundation, consistent sleep schedules help people feel less tired because their bodies are in the sync with their natural patterns. So researchers have developed software that uses mathematical models to help astronauts and other workers better adjust to shifting work and sleep schedules.

The best method that we know to help people operate at peak performance are first to ensure that they get adequate sleep, and second that their work schedule are design to be aligned with the natural body clock.

The software has two components, Circadian Performance Simulation Software (CPSS) uses complex mathematical formulas to predict how people react to specific conditions. CPSS also allows user to design a schedule interactively, such as shifting their sleep/wake to a different time, and predicts when they would be expected to perform well or poorly . the second component is Shifter, prescribe the optimal times to use light to shift a person’s circadian rhythm to improve performance at critical times during the schedule.

Internationals Space Stations astronauts often face schedules that are not uniform. Researchers now are working to individualize the model. They want to determine what personal data are needed in order to provide recommendations for individuals.