Scanning Inventory; Packing It In Emerging Technologies


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By Daren Maynard

Honeywell satisfied warehouse needs by producing Granit 1280i Industrial-Grade Full Range Laser Scanner to scan items into the inventory management system. This hand-held tool may scan linear barcode from as close as 3.5 inches (8.9 centimeters) to as far as 54 feet (16.5 meters) away. This productivity is further supported by the use of bright LEDs with changing aimer patterns, higher decibel values for the beeper and a vibrating response to increase the accuracy level. It also has a sturdy structure capable of tolerating 5.000 tumbles from 3.2 feet (1 meter) and can be operated in temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 30 degrees Celsius). The Granit 1280i Scanner is also easy to maintain as cables can be installed and replaced with a single-screw, slide release.

Industrial warehouses use The UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System to move thousands of pallets daily. This system increases the capacity of the warehouse by eliminating the aisles, converting the end of each lane into a storage and retrieval location which allow operators to pack more densely to increase utilization. The UltraRail System is suitable for companies that work with last-in, first-out inventory policy. Its advantage is it can be installed in current pallet rack, and drive configurations. Maintenance is simple and pallets suffer less damage because of its applicability extends to inventory buffering, high bay storage, pallet picking, staging and truck loading which supported by forklifts. The system is adapted to work in environments ranging from cold to room temperature.