Smart Traffic Optimization


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Nowadays, in University of Arizona, an interactive human-made system called RHODES has been developed. RHODES system was designed by Prof. Pitu Mirchandani in order to optimizing traffic. RHODES System means a Real-time Hierarchical Optimized Distributed Effective System, where this computer-based system could easily sense road condition. This system used apparatus such as video cameras, sound microphones, GPS, radar and loop detectors. Such system is capable to processing gathered data of volume and speed traffic and allows giving feedback, as an example prioritizing ambulance, firefighters, and police car to reach their destination faster. Also RHODES system could relocate path of cars in case of closed roads, traffic jam and accident. In the future, this system will be modified and upgraded where it could give information to computers in bus stations, so it could predict whether the bus will come to stations in time or delayed. This system will also helping people to get their destination right on time. Prof. Pitu Mirchandani predict that this system could increase from 3000 cars per hour to 4000 cars per hour which pass such intersections.

We choose this article because this article is very interesting, considering that we lived in Jakarta which is well-known by the people as one of the most crowded city in Indonesia. If this system has been modified to each most optimum level, we thought this system will help city such as Jakarta to become more efficient in transportation field. We believe that if the RHODES system is being used in Jakarta, it might diminish the traffic jam occurrence in Jakarta. In addition, RHODES system could minimize the usage of transportation fuel where cars might not have to spend more fuel while driving in traffic jam situation. Another reason that supports our idea is the system might prioritize such ambulances, fire fighter trucks, and police cars to pass the roads easily in urgent condition. In our opinion, the system appliance might also detract the number of vehicle accidents. As we know, in Jakarta, there are so many vehicle accidents which usually occur in intersections. Therefore, if RHODES system applied in intersections, vehicle drivers could easily organize their speed and time management during turning in the intersection.

RHODES system could be categorized as four different kind of system, such as open system, dynamic system, human-made system, and physic system. First, we categorized RHODES system as open system because, the system is required to analyze traffic situation. The traffic situation is classified as the environment of the system. Therefore, the system is directly analyzing its environment in order to make the system works. Next, the RHODES system is classified as dynamic system due to changes and various behaviors in the system. The changes are affected by traffic situations, where its not constant. Third, the system is a human-made system because it was made and developed by humans, and not including nature. The last but not least, this system is a Physic system because it is real not just concept.


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