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Companies disassemble products to reuse materials and facilitate recycling and end-of-life disposal of their products. But what is an efficient method for designing the disassembly process? Manufactures group products into product families for designing purposes.

Tackling diversity in product families, developing product families has been adopted by manufacturing companies to fulfill diverse customer requirements while achieving design efficiency and effectiveness. The challenge are exacerbate by resource limitations and short delivery lead-times. Most traditional approaches to planning processes focus on production optimality of individual products. Consequently, they lose an ability to achieve product family production efficiency. The approach proposed exploits design similarity and production commonality enabling process reuse. Knowledge of production planning from production practice is used to improve production efficiency across the product families. Reverse manufacturing minimizes waste and damage, environmental issues have become a major concern for corporations. Reverse manufacturing is the production process that re-employs and re-utilizes the products, parts and materials that were processed in the past to minimize the waste of natural resources and energy. Capacity decisions under uncertainty, making significant changes in the amount of capacity generally takes a significant amount off time, because of the significant lead-time, these decisions are made under extreme uncertainty. Timing Technological replacements there are usually two reason to replace a piece of equipment, either it deteriorates with time and becomes very expensive to use or no longer operates as intended. However they illustrate that improvements in capital costs tend to lead to more rapid replacements while improvements strictly in operating costs tend to lead to longer replacement cycles.

They define the problem with research and observation, from the process of production until the product be consumed. The first problem, when product diversity associated with product families poses challenges when companies try to obtain efficiency in production. The second problem, environmental issues have become a major concern for corporations. Because of that they must observe and analyze the after production, “will it cause pollution to our environment?”. The next problem, when they changed their prices it may take time, capacity, extra storage and the demand are hard to predict.


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