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Six Sigma is now a common method used to arrange the set of processes, standards, and motivations in an organization. The purpose of applying Six Sigma is to decrease defect and variability. However, in most organizations, there is a department in which Six Sigma is not commonly applied, that is the marketing department. Marketing department mostly work on their own and sometimes seem to be enemy with finance department. It is not a mere error of judgment of the finance department; mostly it is because marketing department cannot provide a clear, quantified data analysis of their performance.

However, one cannot deny that marketing department is necessary. Therefore, applying Six Sigma in marketing department is crucial for an organization’s growth. First, they have the right data to show that it is making a measurable revenue stream. They must identify what data is needed and how to obtain it. Then the data become information by processing it into a uniformed picture of past performance. The creation of consistent measurement process and data measurement sharing method across organization is also vital. Next, they will have to analyze the data to know what worked and what didn’t, generating insight for everyone. After getting the insight, performance possibilities can be seen, improving the rate of success for the organization. After improvements are made, they have to jot down what best practice that enables the improvement. This will make it easier for others to understand the best practice and ensuring the application of it.