The Perfect Wave is All About Engineering


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IE’s dream of surf parks worldwide is coming true
Creating the perfect wave has been a decade-long obsession for industrial engineer Josema Odrioloza, a dream that is coming true as surf lagoons are opening worldwide.

“The Inertia, a website that serves the surfing community, that the dream boils down to problem-solving-something IEs are noted for,” said Josema Odrioloza.

“In surfing, it’s all about having one limited resource, which are the waves in the ocean, and about how everyone can get the benefit of them,” said Josema Odrioloza, co-founder of Wavegarden. “It’s a real problem. It’s a very old problem of human beings. It’s like food, you know? When the tribes were growing and growing there was nothing else on the trees, so people had to learn to grow food in other ways. With waves, it’s similar.”

Odrioloza said the unknowns involved required the creation of a number of new systems, along with optimizing how the systems worked together. His background in building municipal skate parks was invaluable in creating new wave technology.

“we are doing things that have never been done before, everything from the wave generator, to the electronic systems, to the filtration,” he told Grind TV.