A Simple Innovation in Implementation of Clearance Desk Policy using 5S Concept

By: Andersen – 1601255485

Observation has been done at a company, especially in engineering room, business development room, and design room which is used for storing customer’s data. Turned out that this room has a problem where the company doesn’t keep the tidiness of the workstation. Within this condition, the most possible problem is information leaking. Therefore, the observation’s objective is to determine the effective way to keep the tidiness of the workstation in order to improve the effectivity of clear screen and desk policy which have been assigned by the company.

The result from the observation conclude that the workstation and the computer’s screen still not tidy yet and it is keep going without any further action improvement. These are the example of the workstation which still not tidy:

Figure 1Figure 1 Workstation condition in Engineering Room

Figure 2Figure 2 Workstation condition in Business Development Room

Figure 3Figure 3 Workstation condition in Design Room

The table below is the effectivity score based on the 5S checklist category. The score shows how effective the tidiness on workstation which implemented by the company:

Tabel 1 Effectivity Score from 5S Performance

Kaizen Effectivity Score [max.score 20]


AverageScore [A/5]


Effectivity Rate %


S1-Seiri (Sort) 5 1.0 25%
S2-Seiton(Set in Order) 5 1.0 25%
S3-Seiso (Shine) 13 2.6 65%
S4-Seiketsu (Standardize) 14 2.8 70%
S5-Shitsuke (Sustain) 13 2.6 65%
Total 50.0  

Observation by using 5S checklist for workplace/office shows that the company still has a lot of lacking in Seiri and Seiton category with effectivity score 5,0 or effectivity rate 25% for each category. For Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, the effectivity rate has reached more than 60%. The company only need to improve in Seiri and Seiton. As for Seiso, is already effective enough so the improvement may not be needed.

To find out the factors which affect the lack in Seiri and Seiton category, it can be done by using Fishbone Diagram. There are 4 main factors which caused the problem people, place, policies, and procedures.

To overcome the problem, the company could implement 5S concept so the factors which may cause the problem by implementing red tag and signboard strategy. Red tag strategy is a way to divide things that are still needed and not. Signboard strategy is a way to find things located separately. By using these strategies, time needed to find things will be decreased.

To civilize 5S method, the company can use Plan-Do-Check-Action method (Deming cycle) to run a continuous improvement. The figure below illustrate the workstation if the PDCA is implemented in 5S.

Figure 4Figure 4 Illustration of A Tidy Workstation Condition