Upcoming Training

IE laboratory proudly presenting the upcoming Minitab Software training which will be held at 24th ,26th ,29th , and 31st of October 2016. Minitab is a software that provides a simple, effective way to input statistical data, manipulate the data, and then extrapolate answers to the problems encountered. This half-day training will provide you the best experience in learning about Control Chart Diagram, Pareto Chart, Cause and Effect Diagram, Measurement System Analysis and Capability Process that would be very useful on your future work-life. Compare to all those benefits that you will get, you only have to pay less price, as follows:

  1. IDR 70,000 for IIE Member
  2. IDR 80,000 for Industrial Engineering student
  3. IDR 200,000 for Industrial Engineering alumni

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So, what else are you waiting for? Come, join us and internationalize your potential!
Save the date and mark your calendar! The registration will be opened from 14th October to 20th October 2016.

We’ really appreciate your participation.

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