Trolleying for your transportation future


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Siemens is testing a two-pole catenary system. Unlike traditional streetcars that can’t operate away from the infrastructure of its electric wiring, the catenary system’s active pantograph lets hybrid trucks hook on and leave the system at will.  They don’t want the driver lookingat the catenary wire up there to make sure that he’s positioned perfectly.

The system can work with any hybrid engine – electric, diesel, natural gas, gasoline, biofuels, etc.The catenary system significantly increases efficiency.The Siemens electric drive offers up to 85 percent efficiency. That efficiency boost saves half the energy. And the catenary system also can capture reverse energy flows from braking, storing the power internally.

It takes about as much time to install as it does to electrify a railway.The substations are plug and play, so the system can start serving just a few trucks and be scaled up later by applying the same simulation tools used for the railway industry.