Making the Numbers Work
By Adrienne Dickerson

The problem this article in outline is the use of data efficiently and optimally. Discussion of the core of this article is about data. At first they found that many of the existing data in the hands of managers or executives will be not used until the data are perfect, without really maximizing what is available, so they draw a conclusion that the actual problem here is the use of data is inefficient. It also said that it would be easy to see only the data rather than fixing mistakes that are based on such data by executives and managers. We could see that the actual problem here is the data that had been collected was not used efficiently. This is how they define the real problem; apart from other things as a problem such as incomplete data which is actually perceive need.

In this article, after finding the real problems of layout, this article is starting to look at the issue here, i.e., how to use that data efficiently, or as the title itself, “making the numbers work”. In fact, the data can be used effectively when supported by some actions. As an example, with the data available, a manager (in this case at the hospital) may be more aware of the consumer movement itself who is the patient. In addition, the real data can also help managers or executives to look at the situation of the company (in this article the hospital), for viewing in general and specifically. By looking at each department, we can immediately know which department that has low and high quality so that it can soon be corrected. As engineers, they also have a responsibility as the educator for managers to be able to use data efficiently by taking some actions and not do the monitoring only.

Specifically, the settlement here is leading or focusing to the service. Where with the existence of the data and action resulting from the data, there will be improvements to the system in a hospital. We know that hospital moves in the field service, so it is appropriate that it has to focus on service. Some things we can do to improve all aspect health such as patient satisfaction, quality of the treatment, revenue management or efficiency. With the improvement like that, everything will be better, especially in terms of service. So the customer will be more trusting and comfortable in being part of the hospital itself, i.e. as a patient.