Plasma Device Disinfects Cell Phone
ISE Magazine – Volume 48: Number 05

Cornell medical researchers have devised a way to use plasma to disinfect cell phones which can be implemented in biomedical equipment and other object used in healthcare. Dr. Jason A. Spector, a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine said that they have a device that uses this cool plasma technology to get rid of stuff grew on equipment.

A 10-minute treatment fully rid a cell phone of germs, many of which are responsible for common skin infections, according to the findings published Feb. 11 in the journal Plasma Medicine. Toxic gas and high-pressure steam disinfect much medical equipment, but both methods harm electronic devices. The cold plasma treatment could offer a quicker, easier, cheaper and more thorough way to disinfect electronic devices and other biomedical equipment. Many delicate cell phone’s components are found on medical monitors, so they believe the sterilizer will work on them too.