The Cloud Will Check Your Machinery Now
ISE Magazine – Volume 49 : Number 2

 Researchers to begin $1.5 million project for manufacturing industry

Researchers and analysts from The Pennsylvania State University are working on a $1.5 million collaborative research project to develop a cloud-based wireless sensing and prognostic system for monitoring machinery health conditions that can detect early signs of wear, aging and fault conditions. The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) is providing half the funding while the other entities are matching that amount through a cost-sharing agreement. The emergence of cloud computing, machine learning and the IoT technologies makes it possible for a machine to function as an agent that is capable of intelligent behaviors.

The project, began Feb. 1 and will be funded by DMDII for 18 months. This initiative brings together researchers and practitioners from manufacturing and software industries in collaboration with leading university researchers. In order to demonstrate the cloud-based manufacturing systems with data driven intelligence, both legacy machines and general-purpose computer numeric control machines will be used as test cases. The outcome of this project has the potential to enable manufacturers to implement artificial intelligence into manufacturing machines.