5S Means Better Living

ISE Magazine – Volume 49, Number 10

Tiny domiciles could benefit from lean manufacturing principles

Over the years, the lean technique known as 5S has expanded beyond the factory floor to software development, housekeeping and even architecture. Australian architect Nicholas Gurney designed a home in less than 300 square feet with a kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom tucked away in different corners of the house. For the flat, which sleeps two, Gurney streamlined all appliances and household objects and organized them in overhead storage, deep shelving and multiuse furniture.

Decluttering and then standardizing the system makes cleanliness and order easy to maintain, which is especially valuable in a tiny space. As more people move to cities, 5S can be an important tool for architects and interior designers, and organizing everything so that what you use is in its place, visible and labeled can help anyone.