Activity: Giving Course or training
Participant: Staff of Logistic Division in RSIA Harapan Bunda Bali
Topic: Implementation SISFO Logistic
Content of topic: Sharing knowledge about the implementation of SISFO Logistic in improving the inventory system.

In September 2013, the CSR took place at RSIA Harapan Bunda which discussed about the messy inventory system in managing the stock of the medicines. The management system of the medicines is done manually, thus resulted in stock out of certain medicines. SISFO Logistic is made to assist the inventory manager to know the expiry date of the medicines, in order to prevent them to be purchased by customers. Other than that, it also provides the ease of managing inventory, so the order of the medicines can be done easily.

Activity: Giving Course or Training with TFI (Teach For Indonesia)
Participant: SMEs (UKM) assisted by Binus University
Topic: Implementation SIM for SME (UKM)
Content of topic: Introduction of Information System to entrepreneurs to be applied in their businesses.

This CSR took place on 16 November 2013 and discussed about the implementation of Information System in business practice. Many SME contributors, did not even know that such technology exists, so they managed the administrative processes manually instead of using high tech system. This CSR explained them about the existence of this technology, which can be applied in the online order system, payment, and also detail explanation about their businesses as well. The use of SISFO can help the entrepreneurs to manage their business effectively.