Stress Analysis Simulation with Autodesk Inventor 2017

IE laboratory proudly presenting the upcoming Minitab Software training which will be held at 28th November 2017. Autodesk Inventor provides tools to determine structural design (forming tool) performance directly on Autodesk Inventor Simulation model. Stress Analysis includes tools to place loads and constraints on a part or assembly and calculate the resulting stress, deformation, safety factor, and resonant frequency modes.

The stress analysis environment allows analyzing assembly or part design and evaluating different options quickly under different conditions, for example using various materials, loads and constraints (boundary conditions), etc.

The output of a mathematical solver is generally a substantial quantity of raw data. This quantity of raw data would normally be difficult and tedious to interpret without the data sorting and graphical representation traditionally referred to as post-processing. Post-processing is used to create graphical displays that show the distribution of stresses, deformations, and order characteristics of the tool model. The following course use this software as part of the learning plan is D1212: Mechanics of Materials and D1126: Manufacturing Process.