Optimized PICMG Provides Smarter Path to Industry 4.0

Optimized PICMG Provides Smarter Path to Industry 4.0
By: Portwell Inc

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has revolutionized numerous use cases, has resulted in a significant transformation in the automated production and delivery processes that are used in smart manufacturing. The demand for AI industrial servers is also rising in tandem with the expanding use of AI in smart manufacturing. In order to accelerate the implementation of smart manufacturing, it is therefore essential to have a readily available solution that meets these diverse requirements.

PICMG 1.3 boards come with a plethora of backplanes and a variety of programmable input/output (I/O) ports so that they can be expanded and made more adaptable. They are ideal for expandable industrial applications like intelligent control systems, medical and healthcare imaging systems, automated test equipment, semiconductor equipment, display wall and digital signage, digital security surveillance, broadcasting systems, transportation and storage, and IoT edge and AI solutions due to their comprehensive backplane and high-performance boards.

The most recent single-board computer (SBC) designed with Intel 12th Generation technology offers a perfect balance of computing power and energy consumption, making it suitable for new applications or as a quick upgrade for older systems installed on the old system host board (SHB). This optimized computing is powered by Intel 12th Generation Processors. It also supports multiple peripheral control and wireless connectivity for remote applications, and it offers exceptional flexibility for I/O expansion with a variety of backplane options. In addition, the product’s inherent long lifespan support of over ten years gives our clients peace of mind.

The ROBO-8116G2AR is equipped with the most recent Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron 12th Generation processors, which are capable of providing substantial core computing capabilities for enhancing the performance of deep learning inference. The board is able to process and analyze image data in real time with excellent efficiency thanks to its enhanced CPU performance and integrated graphics processing. Users can quickly transfer data to a variety of destinations, including network video recorders, internally deployed servers, the cloud, and more, thanks to the device’s multiple connection options, which include Gigabit Wi-Fi and a robust I/O port.

Smarter manufacturing with the ROBO-8116G2AR The latest 12th Generation Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors are included in the ROBO-8116G2AR. These processors are notable for their performance hybrid architecture. In several years, Intel has made the most significant advancement in processor architecture and performance with this. Up to eight performance cores (P-cores) and up to eight efficient cores (E-cores), both of which have the potential to improve background task management and multitasking, are incorporated into the novel chip design. These cores can help consolidate IoT workloads. The 12th Generation Intel Core desktop processors provide up to 36% better single-thread performance and up to 35% better multi-thread performance when compared to the 10th Generation Intel Core Processors. This indicates a significant increase in processing power.

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