Industrial Engineering

Course Structure

 Course Structure for Binusian 2024

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
SCIE6004 Physics I 4
SCIE6051 Chemistry 3
MATH6014 Calculus I 4
ENGR6093 Technical Drawing** 2/1
LANG6027 Indonesian 2
English University Courses I
ENGL6128 English in Focus 2
ENGL6130 English for Business Presentation 2
2 CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 20
SCIE6017 Biology 2
SCIE6050 Physics II 4/1
MATH6016 Calculus II 4
STAT6003 Probability Theory 2
COMP6714 Introduction to Programming 2/1
English University Courses II
ENGL6129 English Savvy 2
ENGL6131 English for Written Business Communication 2
3 CHAR6015 Character Building: Agama 2 20
MATH6004 Linear and Discrete Mathematics 4
MATH6019 Calculus III 4
STAT6172 Applied Statistics 2
ISYE6157 Human-Integrated Systems 2/1
ISYE6123 Deterministic Optimization*&** 3
ENTR6509 Entrepreneurship: Ideation 2
4 ISYE6207 Stochastic Processes 2 20
ENTR6510 Entrepreneurship: Prototyping 2
ISYE6158 Engineering Data Analysis 3
ISYE6181 System Engineering & Analysis** 2
ISYE6182 Supply Chain: Logistics* 2
ISYE6041 Engineering Economy** 2
ISYE6113 Leadership & Organizational Behavior*&** 2
Streaming: Supply Chain Engineering
ISYE6164 E-Supply Chain Management 2/1
ISYE6183 Warehouse Management Systems 2
Streaming: Service Systems Engineering
ISYE6166 Dynamic Service Facility Design 2/1
ISYE6066 Human Interaction in Service Systems 2
Streaming: Manufacturing Systems
ENGR6005 Mechanics of Materials 2
ISYE6184 Manufacturing Processes 2/1
Free Electives 5
5 ENTR6511 Entrepreneurship: Market Validation 2 20
ISYE6125 Quality Engineering** 3
ISYE6185 Systems Simulation** 3
ISYE6163 Research Methodology 2
ISYE6116 Health and Safety Engineering 2
ISYE6070 Facility Planning 2
ISYE6186 Production & Operation Analysis** 3/1
Elective Supply Chain Engineering Courses ***
ISYE6067 Global Supply Chain* 2
ISYE6165 Supply Chain Risk & Negotiation 2
ISYE6115 Transportation Modeling 2
Elective Service Systems Engineering Courses***
MKTG6128 Market Research 2
ISYE6167 Decision Support System 2
ISYE6168 Financial Engineering* 2
Elective Manufacturing Systems Courses***
ISYE6130 Project Management 2
ISYE6169 Maintenance Management Systems 2
ISYE6170 Sustainable Engineering Systems* 2
Free Electives 2
6 Enrichment Program I 20 20
7 Enrichment Program II 20 20
ISYE6205 Pre – Thesis 2 6
ISYE6206 Thesis 4
  *) This course is delivered in English  **) Global Learning System Course ***) Elective Track Courses:     - For Semester 5: Students choose 2 credits of elective track course based on preferred track.  English University Courses: -) For 1st Semester: English University Courses I, students with Binus University English Proficiency Test score less than 500 will take English in Focus, and student with test score greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Business Presentation. -) For 2nd Semester: English University Courses II, students with Binus University English Proficiency Test score less than 500 will take English Savvy, and students with test score greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Written Business Communication. -) Students must pass English Savvy with a minimum Grade of C. Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester): -) Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus). See enrichment appendix for the tracks detail.  Enrichment Track Scheme
Track Semester 7 Semester 8
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
*) Need approval from program study Notes: IN            : Internship RS           : Research EN          : Entrepreneurship CD          : Community Development SA           : Study Abroad etc           : Study Program Special Purposes Description: Student will take one of enrichment program tracks