Industrial Engineering

Industrial Practice

Industrial Practice or internship requires Industrial Engineering students to work as interns in a government-registered company/institution for a minimum of one semester or its equivalent hours. Students work as a full time industrial engineer in the company where they have to identify, formulate and provide solution by utilizing Industrial Engineering methods they have learnt in the past courses to tackle the problem experienced by the company.

Their communication and teamwork, and problem solving skills are tested greatly during this internship period. By the end of the semester, students are required to summarize and present their findings as well as its solution in a poster presentation.

The following photos are taken during the Industrial Practice poster presentation of IE Binusian 2014 in mid February 2014.

Figure 1. Putting up the posters


Figure 2. Briefing prior the start of poster presentation


Figure 3. Poster Presentation






Figure 4. Waiting for the result