Activity          : Facilitator
Place              : Auditorium and Room 822. Binus University, Jakarta
Topic              : Computer History.

Event was held on May 17th 2014. On this occasion Mr. Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija, BSIE., MM got an opportunity to become a facilitator on the day to commemorate “Hari Pemuda” at BINUS University auditorium. Mr. Edi Nugroho Soebandrija, BSIE., MM also got a chance to teach in a small class with students from SMKN 6 Jakarta. The topic is about “Computer History”, which describe the development of computer from time to time. They also discuss about the problems faced when using computer in order to support students learning activities either at school or home.

Activity          :  Corporate Social Responsibility activity organized by IE Department BINUS University
Participant   :  Logistic Division PT Eka Bogainti
Topic             :  Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse management systems is key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. In warehouse management systems, participant learn benchmark, awareness of current situation, and possible improvements. For benchmark, speaker talk about the production process in PT Perfetti Van Melle Indonesia. Participant also given a video to easier understand about warehouse management systems.

In front of class discussion_Hokben Informal Discussion_CSR Hokben

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Activity         :  Corporate Social Responsibility activity organized by Community Development BINUS University.
Participant   :  SME community
Topic             :  Portal of UKM and Indonesian Government Contribution in UKM

Portal of UKM is information source related to with UKM such as marketing, production resources, financial, law, and licensing. Participant given informations for developing UKM. Portal of UKM also give step by step to build an UKM start from preparation until out of UKM. Government through the relevant ministries make GKN (Gerakan Kewirausahaan Nasional), a program to increase the number of enterpreneur. Government also build the service center and revitalize traditional market for UKM.