Activity                :  Corporate Social Responsibility activity organized by TFI BINUS University.
Participant          :  SME community
Topic                    :  Working Posture
Content of topic : Sharing knowledge with SME Community about comfort and health which affected by working posture.

The CSR took place on 15th February 2014 talked about poor working posture in everyday activities often leads to serious health problems and can prevents someone working properly. Participant is also asked to assess their own safety level of working posture using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA). Self-assessment is including: arm and wrist analysis, lower arm position, wrist position, neck position, and trunk position. Self-assessment shows that participant’s common posture are working with computer or working on sit position. Final risk score for each one are between 3 and 4. The score is indicate that further investigation and change may needed for some position of their posture. No one has score more than 4, it means on average their risk is on moderate level. RULA score is indicate level of risk, the higher score on RULA, the higher risk for participant to experience musculoskeletal discomfort and how urgent change is needed.