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Spreadsheet is a software interface consisting of an interactive grid made up of cells in which data or formulas are entered for analysis or presentation (The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language).  By using spreadsheet, the data can be saved with more structured than in regular text format. The structure of the row and column on the spreadsheet allows the data to be analyzed and processed using formulas provided.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that was developed by Microsoft and is one of the spreadsheet that is most often used in data processing. Microsoft Excel has many features, including the calculation with mathematical formulas, logical, financial, statistical, and other formulas, to make various kinds of graphs based on data in a group of cells, pivot tables to do a cross-tabulation from groups of data columns it’s easier to do the analysis of the overall data, and many other useful features of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel training helps the student to learn more about the features and able to use it to support them doing their assignments.

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