College of Engineering 2013

College of Engineering Gathering held on March 20-21 2013 at villa Puncak Kana, Puncak. It’s an event that unite four student association who incorporated in Faculty of Engineering BINUS University. That association are HIMTRI (Industrial Engineering), HIMTEK (Computer Engineering), HIMARS (Architecture) and HIMTES (Civil Engineering). Activities in college of Engineering Gathering just play, play and play. We all get have fun there and knowing each other. At night we also had sharing time, so we can share what we get from our major. It very useful because we had new knowledge.

This year is the 3rd gathering that successfully accomplished and all of student association join in, that previously not all of student association join in. Hopefully, this event can make all student of Faculty of Engineering more familiar with each other and also we can make a strong network out there.